Oregon Alpacas - Suri Seed Stock

NOW OFFERING OUR PRIVATE RESERVE, LEGACY HERSIRES FOR SALE. Only 2 of our most valuable Seed Stock Suris males left. These males were selected & bred from over 25 years of genetic improvement using EPD's, Biopsies, & expertise.
Seeking serious suri buyers who appreciate the hard work and dedication that has gone into developing our elite suri herd.
We will continue to offer our excellent support. Please inquire for package pricing.

Leading Lady
Suri Stud


Scientific Genetic Advancement

Seed Stock Suri Alpacas is the merger of two top quality N. American suri herds, Super Suris and Double D Alpaca Ranch.

Dr. Dick Walker, owner of Super Suris, has been a pioneer and leader in the Suri alpaca industry.
Seed Stock Suri Alpacas is dedicated to utilizing all of the components of S.H.I.P., fiber statistics of histograms, ARI EPD's, skin biopsies to develop industry leading genetics for the North American Suri industry. We use all of these tools to make breeding decisions for our own foundation herd and help our Host Farm Partner's in genetic advancement.

Donna Anderson, owner of Double D Alpacas, has been breeding Suri alpacas since 2005 with a focus on breeding for superior, seed stock.

SEED STOCK SURI ALPACAS introduces an innovative, unprecedented program for the genetic advancement of suris in N. America.

•Purchases under $1,500 CASH

•Purchases $1,500 to $2,500: FINANCE TERMS available at 50% down, 12 monthly payments 5% interest.

•Purchases $2,501 to $5,000: FINANCE TERMS available at 1/3 down, 12 monthly payments 5% interest.

We also accept VISA amd MasterCard. If you will be agisting your purchase with us we will offer one year financing with no down payment plus agisting fee.