No. 1 EPD Spin Fineness
Still Beautiful at 10 Y.O.

Pperuvian Aldo, grandsire

Famous Sire

2018 Salvatori Cria

Fiber / Scientific Data

5/15/201625.9 AFD; 5.8 SD; 22.2% CV; %>30 = 16.7%

Never Sell This One!

Peruvian Carra Mia & criaBred

ARI# 1018011   D.O.B. 9/6/2003  (16 yrs)

Suri, Female (Bred), Proven | White

Full Peruvian
Sire: 2P Peruvian Miquel | ARI# 84541  | White |
Dam: CMR Peruvian Carleeta | ARI# 812158  | White |
| ARI# 31768771  | White 

Arguably the top female in N. Anmerica in her age group! Susan Telez told us, "Never sell this one" when she did the S.H.I.P. herd evaluation for EPDs and she was right. We recently recieved word from ARI that she is 1st in N. America for EPD's in three catagories, spin fineness, % > 30 microns, % medulated fibers. AOA featured Carra Mia in a looped presentation at AOBA National 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 7 2018 National Shows. She has consistently been in the top 1& of EPD;s in 4 catagories.
Carra Mia is the daughter of Pperuvian Miquel, a notable herdsire who is now deceased. Miquel won Get Of Sire at the 2001 National AOBA show. Carra Mia is half sister to Mr. Hollywood who has won multiple color championship awards.
Carra Mia carries a very dense fleece with a high degree of luster and independent lock structure. 22 micron AFD at 10 years of age.
Cara Mia is an excellent mom who has easy, unassisted births and an abundance of milk.
Carra Mia's 2014 cria is the best she has produced! A female sired by Selkirk's Jesse James arrived on August 15th. We named her Miquel's Jessi. She truly stands out!
Carra Mia is confirmed pregnant to Kahuna's Bahati for a 2019 cria.
OUTSTANDING BIOPSY AT AGE 15: 52.75 follicles per SQ/MM, SP ratio of 11.4 to 1, 4 of 4 gland presence, variation between secondary and primary = 12.65, & AFD = 23.58. Dr. Norm Evans said, "Anoter female that is years ahead of her time. Hope you saved some of her offspring."

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Extreme Fleece Coverage
D.O.B. 6/26/2016 (3 yrs)
Suri, Male| White, Full Peruvian, Unproven
Sire: Selkirk's Jesse James
Dam: Peruvian Carra Mia & cria
Miquel's Aldo is the combination of Selkirk's Jesse James a Miquel son and now deceased and Peruvian Carra Mia. This was a close line breeding to try ...

Seed Stock Suri Alpacas - Touchet, WA

ARI# 35322412   D.O.B. 8/29/2014 (5 yrs)
Suri, Female| White, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Selkirk's Jesse James
Dam: Peruvian Carra Mia & cria
Congratulations, Deadman's Creek Alpacas, Josh & Jessi DeKryf! WHITE!!! I do not know how Princess Jessi could be any whiter. She has amazing luster ...

Seed Stock Suri Alpacas - Touchet, WA

Future Stud
D.O.B. 5/30/2018 (1 yr)
Suri, Male| Beige, Unproven
Sire: SSSAR Bahati's Accoyo Salvatori
Dam: Peruvian Carra Mia & cria
Peruvian Carra Mia X Bahati's Accoyo Salvatori Our highest ranking female for EPD mated with our best white, male produced this stunning beige male...

Seed Stock Suri Alpacas - Touchet, WA


Updated 8/12/2018