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Seed Stock Suri Alpacas is the merger of two top quality N. American suri herds, Super Suris and Double D Alpaca Ranch. 
Dr. Dick Walker, owner of Super Suris, has been a pioneer and leader in the Suri alpaca industry. He was instrumental in establishing the SURI NETWORK, an organization that promotes, supports and represents the North American Suri breeder. Through his involvement as President of Suri Network, Dick has played a pivotal role in developing the North American SURI BREED STANDARD, a crucial step needed to achieve the quality of Suri alpacas in the United States. This Standard serves as the basis for the SURI HERD CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM. another of Dr. Walker's priorities while serving Suri Network. This is Dr. Walker's vision for a pathway to establishing the North American Suri Industry as the world leader in advancing suri genetic improvement. These three priorities have come together under the SURI HERD IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (S.H.I.P.) Suri Network's EPD program. This is the culmination of 12 years of effort working through the Suri Network to establish the pathway to achieving the ultimate Natural Fiber and eventually establishing the U.S. Suri industry as the world leader. 
Super Suris developed, arguably, one of thee best suri herds in N. America as a result of Dr. Dick Walker's scientific approach to breeding suri alpacas. 
Donna Anderson of Double D Alpaca Ranch has been a suri breeder since 2005 and a consistent member of Suri Network. Double D Alpaca Ranch has utilized fiber test scores and participated in the Suri Classification System every year since it's inception. This has resulted in exponential advancement in the quality of Double D's alpaca herd. The 2013 classification revealed overall scores of 90% Seed Stock quality.  advancement of suris in N. America. Ask about our HOST FARM PARTNER program.  
Seed Stock Suri Alpacas is dedicated to utilizing all of the components of S.H.I.P., fiber statistics of histograms, ARI EPD's, skin biopsies to develop industry leading genetics for the North American Suri industry. We use all of these tools to make breeding decisions for our own foundation herd and help our Host Farm Partner's in genetic advancement. 

SEED STOCK SURI ALPACAS introduces an innovative, unprecedented program for the genetic advancement of suris in N. America. Ask about our HOST FARM PARTNER program. 

Updated February 03, 2015